Why Ramadan Falls on Different Dates and What are Ramadan Rules

Ramadan falls on different dates

Month of Ramadan starts the day you see the new moon and it officially ends after a month, when the next new moon turns. Ramadan was the month Muhammad met the angel Gabriel.
Since the Muslim calendar follows the lunar month of Ramadan shifts of twelve days each year. This means that sometimes you can experience Ramadan in winter, sometimes in the summer.

Fixed Rules of Ramadan

The year when Ramadan falls during the hottest part of the year, it may be hard for Muslims in hot countries not to drink or eat during the day. People who are sick, children who have not reached puberty and pregnant women are usually not fixed. If someone breaks the fast deliberately, he or she additional fixed at another time or pay a sum of money to the poor. If fasting is missed by mistake, do not break the fast, but it must of course cancel their intake as soon as it comes to fasting.
 It is even so that if one were to be measured, and coming in only afterwards that it is Ramadan schedule, so it has still not broken the fast.

Even people who are on the road do not have to fast. But they will not escape. They must later make a special fixed (Qada) for the lost days, when their state of emergency ended.