What Does Allah Says About Ramadan Month in Quran

[33.35] Allah has prepared forgiveness and a magnificent reward for Muslims and Muslims, believers and believers, devotees and devotees, sincere and sincere, patients and patients, humble and humble, who and Those who give alms, those who fast, chaste and chaste, those who remember Allah much.

[2.183] Believers! You have been prescribed fasting, just as it was prescribed to those who preceded you. Perhaps, thus, fear Allah.

[2.187] During the month of fasting it is lawful for you at night to unite with your wives: they are a garment for you and you are for them. Allah knows that you deceive yourselves. He has come back to you and has forgiven you. Now therefore, go with them and seek what Allah has commanded you. Eat and drink until at dawn a white thread is distinguished from a black thread. Then observe a rigorous fast until the night falls. And do not touch them while you are retreating in the mosque. These are the laws of Allah, do not approach them. So Allah explains His signs to men. Perhaps, well, fear Him.

[2.185] It is the month of Ramadan, in which the Qur'an was revealed as a direction for men and as clear evidence of the Direction and Criterion. And whosoever of you be present that month, let him fast in him. And who is ill or traveling, an equal number of days. Allah wants to make it easy and not difficult. Complete the appointed number of days and praise Allah for having led you! Perhaps, so be grateful.
[97.1] We have revealed it on the night of Fate.

[2.184] Days counted. And those of you who are ill or traveling, an equal number of days. And those who, if they can, do not fast, can redeem themselves by feeding a poor man. And if one does good spontaneously, so much the better for him. But it is better for you to fast. If you knew ...

[2.189] They ask you about the Novilunians. Say: "They are indications that serve men to fix the time of the pilgrimage." Pity is not that you enter the house from behind. But in that you fear Allah. Enter into the house through the gate and fear Allah. Perhaps, so you will prosper.

[44.3] We have revealed it on a blessed night! We have warned! [44.4] In it all matters are decided.

[97.1] We have revealed it on the night of Fate. [97.2] And how will you know what the night of Fate is? [97.3] The night of Destiny is worth more than a thousand months. [97.4] The angels and the Spirit descend into it, with the permission of their Lord, to fix everything. [97.5] It is a night of peace, until the light of dawn!