What Are the Important Goals of Fasting in Ramadan

The Ibadas that the Muslims practice seek to achieve certain goals and benefits of which Allah wants his servants to extract the knowledge to understand them and to obtain them. Among these Ibadas is fasting during the lunar month of Ramadan which has several goals that Muslims should strive to achieve with all their heart and their actions. These goals are as follows:  
1. To achieve At-Taqwa ,. Allah said: "O ye who believe, observing the Saum (fast) is obligatory for you as it was for those who were before you, so that you may become Al-Muttaqun (pious)." (2: 183). Therefore, fasting is a means to at-Taqwa . In fact, all the acts of Ibada and Tawhid are methods and means to at-Taqwa , as Allah has said, "O men! Render worship to your Lord, Who created you as well as those who were before you so that you can be Al-Muttaqun .  
2. Acquire the rewards of Allah. According to the Prophet (s), " Allah said: 'All the deeds of the son of Adam are his, save Al-Syam which corresponds to Me and I will reward him for it."  
3. The Prophet also said, " Sa-im has two happy moments; when the fast breaks, there is joy, and when he finds his Lord he is happy because of his fast." Imam Al-Qurtubi commented, "This means that he is content because his hunger and thirst are over, since he is allowed to break his fast. This happiness is natural and this is apparently the meaning of that prophet's comment." When he finds his Lord he is happy because of his fast. " It would mean that he is content with the rewards of fasting. 
4. The Saum purifies the soul and helps him acquire the habit of obeying Allah and His Messenger defeating the desires of the heart. Fasting teaches to refrain from following desires because the spirit of the Sa-im renders obedience to the commandments of Allah , it is known that Shaytan has a stronger ascendant over the souls that are often guided by desire. When the soul abandons its desires, it will be more difficult for Shaytan to have a place in the heart.  
5. To be saved from the Fire, the Prophet (sas) said, "And Allah has those whom He delivers from the Fire, and this happens every night (by Ramadan )." (At-Tirmithi and Ibn Majah). 
6. Ash-Shafa`ah (the right of intercession). The Prophet (s) said, "The Syam and the Qur'an will intercede in the name of the servant." The Syam says, "O Lord, I warn you of food and " Therefore , accept my Shafa`ah in his name." And the Koran says, "I kept you from sleeping at night." Therefore , accept my Shafa`ah in his name, "and Will be accepted as intercessors. " ( Ahmed, Al-Hakim and Al-Bayhaqi ). 
7. Obtain forgiveness of faults. There is no doubt that fasting leads to having the sins forgiven and erased. The Prophet (s) said, "The five Salats , from one Yúmu'a to the next, and from one Ramadan to another, serve to erase what happens between them, provided that major faults are avoided. Of Allaah said, who translated the means, "Whoever fulfills the fast of Ramadan with Imam and Ih-tisab , will have his previous faults erased."