How To Take Care of Teeth in Ramadan Month

Ramadan Kareem! What Ramadan are long overdue! Every day is a precious day, but a lost såddan if not done reasons for it. Keep emotion and joy that Ramadan brings with it and carry it with you for the rest of the year. For Ramadan, the soul takes vacation. Hrmm ... But no teeth.

I want this to give you some advice on how to maintain your mouth and your teeth during the fast. Just because you do not eat during the day, it does not mean that you should not take care of your teeth. On the contrary, it is even more important!

Things you should consider before Ramadan (next time):
Make sure to go to the dentist regularly. Many receive invitations to their dentist during Ramadan for examination. You can go if you want and you can postpone this visit, but make sure to cancel in good time. There is nothing more annoying to call canceled a few hours before your booked visit or you fail and then specify the fast reasons; Think about the image you convey of Islam!

Dental hygienist and dental treatment carries a risk that you have to break the fast. Some choose to cook their teeth despite the fast and perhaps think they can spit out the water. Do not do it, it becomes very difficult for your dentist to do a good job. If you must cook your teeth or have a toothache, you should of course make sure to go!

So to the extent that worries many - breath. Remember that bad brushing teeth, inflammation, poorly maintained dentures and infections may be a few reasons that can cause bad breath during Lent! If you have periodontitis (= periodontal disease), you should regularly go to dental hygienist normally but it is even more important to be careful even during Ramadan. But you can actually get in early to hole to heal you after your teeth!

1. Own teeth
  • Brush thoroughly with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste after Sohoor (= breakfast you eat before fajr).

  • Clean between your teeth with floss and / or interdental brush. This step is very important! Many skipping floss usually get bad breath. Then brush again. Inflamed gums bleed during brushing. Therefore, you should continue brushing until the bleeding has stopped but be sure not to take in too hard so that you brush away the gums.

  • Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper!

  • If you want to use mouthwash, you can do it, but usually it is really unnecessary to do so. Note Keep in mind that some may contain ethanol, which is the same as alcohol. Examples of such mouthwashes containing alcohol is Listerine, Dentivit, Flux (available in pharmacies), CB12 (available at pharmacies) etc. If you would still like to use a mouthwash to freshen the mouth so as. Zendium and Colgate sensititve alcoholic.

  • Rinse happy with the standard fluoride solution, if you know that you have cavities, so you strengthen them! You can always rinse with fluoride solution with a strength of 0.025% (eg. NaF Dentan) in the morning and be happy, then again in the evening. If you are active caries (= often get cavities), please consult with your dentist / hygienist) the strength to use.

  • Is it time to break the fast? May Allah accept your fasting! Just be aware that not snacking throughout the evening - småtätandet can cause tooth decay (= cavities)!

  • Many think it is good to eat something sweet after the meal. Make sure to rinse your mouth with water immediately afterwards and feel free fluoride chewing gum or fluoride tablets afterwards.

  • If you are thirsty, drink water, avoid sugary drinks

  • If you drink soda or other acidic beverages, be sure to rinse only and do not brush your teeth afterward because there is a risk that it will corrode more teeth.

  • Brush your teeth at night in the same way as you do when Sohoor. It is best that you do it before Isha- and Taraweeh prayers; You should read the Quran and there is nothing finer than to have revamped the teeth and mouth before it !.

  • Please use Miswak even when you are fasting.

  • Children under 15 should not use dental floss or interdental brush. Consult with your child's dentist about the use fluoride tablets / fluoridation.

  • Pregnant women should avoid any extra fluoride protection. If it is difficult to stay away from småätandet, rinse your mouth with water and use sugar-free gum.
2. Denture Carrier
  • For the prosthesis wearer applies the same way to keep dentures clean. Brush them thoroughly with water and liquid soap or detergent before putting them in water overnight (preferably with a cleansing tablet that can be purchased at the pharmacy).

  • Brush also on the tongue.

  • If you have teeth left in his mouth brush them with toothpaste (see advice above if you have your own teeth)
May Allah (swt) accept your fasting and prayers, and give you the best! 
... and do not forget me in your du'a.