How To Prepare for Ramadan Month

Because Ramadan is approaching, it is time to prepare for the Great Lent. To really feel the need to understand that it is much more than a sacred duty.

Fasting is a unique and wonderful opportunity for us to have our sins forgiven and become free of them. It makes us humble before the Creator who gives us food and drink, and strengthens lasted patience and character. A properly completed solid helps us to get as close to Allah (swt) that we can ever get in this life. It also gives us a reward whose size is only Allah (SWT) knows.
By this we know that fasting is actually a gift to man, and it is also how we should see it! Not as heavy or cumbersome obligation -utförd of tvång- as people who are weak in faith, think. It is something to look forward to, to be filled with anticipation, and thank God for.

Fasting is the only thing of importance which man can give to Allah (swt). Everything else she does, she does for its own account. Therefore, Allah (SWT); will reward also be very special.
Fasting serves as a shield between us and the fire of hell. Therefore it is so important that we implement it correctly. Losing his patience with others, to speak out and to fight, destroy the fast.
A hadith in Bukkari says; Allah (SWT) says; The fasting abstaining from food and drink from to satisfy their needs for My sake, I will reward for it.

Other good deeds done during Ramadan will be rewarded tenfold.

Imam Muslim version says; A man's good deeds are rewarded from ten to seven hundred times. But the reward of the fasting, known only Allah (swt) ...

To understand something of the reward that awaits it is good to remind themselves of what Abu Saeed Khudri (ra) told me what the Holy Prophet said:
"A person who is fasting just one day for the sake of Allah, He will. Take a 70-year journey in the distance, away from Hell!"

When Ramadan comes, the Paradise all ports open, and hell locked with Shaitan prisoner. A great knowledge, then it means that we have all the chances to work on the weaknesses in ourselves! And then the gates of hell open again, stand stronger than ever before.

Shaban is the great-month for the preparation of Ramadan. The Prophet himself (pbuh) fasted happy during this time. And for anyone who is willing and able to do something extra, this is therefore a very special occasion.

The only days of Shaban when it is forbidden to fast, is one or two days before the start of Ramadan in USA. An exception is made for those who are accustomed to fast then.

Just as it is very important to begin the fast on time and perform the right, it is important to break it in time. Allah (swt) bless those who do it, and said: Those of my servants I like best is that which idar to break the fast on time. Breaking with dates is also Sunnah and if you do not, it's good to break with water.

Fasting of body, mind, tongue and mind are a declaration of love for God. Allah (swt) gave us fasting as a huge gift. We take care of it properly, by controlling ourselves, our instincts and weaknesses, so it is the same as that we give something back! Every minute, every hour of this limited time, then we must not allow anything to take us away from the holy purpose, are invaluable time!

Do not forget that fasting and the meaning of it, is something we need to implant in our children. They are the first to have the right to know that Ramadan did not really mean to forgo a lot of things. To the contrary, it means that we as humans have everything to gain. Let Ramadan be a competition for them, to do good things. Encourage and reward them happy with something extra when they want to be with and fixed. Encourage and reward them when they do something well beyond the ordinary. But note that the reward with Allah (swt), is so much greater than what we as parents can give them.