Everyday Routine in Ramadan and How Does Ramadan Ends

During Ramadan, all daily habits shifted. Muslims begin their work later than usual, as a rule, only at 10 o'clock, then try to not to work so hard.

But when the sun will go Muslims to a well-laid table with food. Often, usually with a cannon shot notify people that the sun has gone down.

During Ramadan, people socialize at night. It is only after midnight, as you pull back and try to get a few hours sleep.

Ramadan ends with a big party

Month of Ramadan ends with a big party that lasts four days. This celebration is called for large Bairamfesten. There are many traditions associated with this festival. Then bake traditional cakes, including Konafa wheat threads with syrup and nuts and fatira that are thin pancakes.

Even the dead will be remembered for Bairamfesten. Then you get out to the cemeteries and visit the families of the dead. It rests no funeral mood of societies. They consider instead these trips as a popular entertainment.

After great Bairamfesten to send fine floral cards to their friends with congratulations to the happy supernatants Ramadan.

Why fast during Ramadan?

The reasons for fasting are diverse, but one reason for fasting is to be more patient and to feel closer to Allah and feel more connected to other Muslims. Ramadan strengthens one's own spiritual identity and the Muslim community.