Enjoy Ramadan with Healthy Food

Ramadan is a wonderful gift from God. It is a unique month in which Allah gives us the opportunity to purify our heart and our body. The heart purifies us through sincere prayer and dua. The body is purified when we fast (abstain from food and drink) and when we do wudu (ablution).

When the fast is broken at sunset, we have Allah's permission to fill the body with food again. The Prophet (pbuh) has recommended that we break the fast with dates and water.

(1) We ask for prayer and we eat what Allah has bestowed upon us.

Food is and has always been an essential part of life. Many experts recommend that we should eat 5-6 times a day.

(2) We must eat to survive

God, however, has forbidden us to eat certain things: what he has forbidden you the meat of dead animals, blood and pork and the things that have been sacrificed to another god. (Acid 2: 173)

Because of the ban, many of us Muslims used to read the contents on food packets in order to avoid buying food with such gelatine. When reading the table of contents, you often see that the food contains relatively large amounts of additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers, etc. These are not forbidden for us to eat, but it ought to be pretty good to avoid these subjects when there are other options?

Tasty and healthy food is the best fuel your body can get. By reading the contents we find out what it is we eat. A healthy and prosperous body should perhaps be economical with Coca Cola and various E-numbers.

The Qur'an mentions, however, that we should show moderation in everything. One way to show moderation is to eat a moderate amount of food. The Prophet (pbuh) has advised us to fill the stomach third with food, one third with drink and leave a third empty to be able to breathe easier.

(3) How many people in the West, do it today?

Other ways to show moderation might permit themselves to eat unhealthy things sometimes. A man who does not go to extremes might be able to treat themselves to cookies and candy sometimes.

In Sweden it is very common for children to get Saturday candy. Why not let our children (and ourselves) to eat sweets on Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday candy? Saturday and Sunday are the Jews and the Christian holidays but it is recommended to pay respect to your Muslim neighbours during Ramadan month by not eating openly.

Choosing healthy food the other days of the week is not difficult. Especially during Ramadan 2017 in Canada, It is easy to choose clean food. It does not take longer than choosing foods with additives. The options available. Here are some pictures of a few foods and a description of what divides them.