Importance of Ramadan Month

 : Ramadan is a month of the Islamic lunar calendar, the ninth, preferred by God, for on one of its nights revealed the Qur'an from the Exemplar Guarded to the first heaven, being illuminated the earth with the Divine Light, and was called "The Night of the Decree" located in the last third of the month of Ramadan, for which the Muslims venerate that night and watch and pray long, according to what the Prophet said: 
من قام ليلة القدر إيمانا واحتسابا غفر له ما تقدم من ذنبه
"Whoever watches Decree Night for faith and love of God, will be forgiven of his past sins."
And God says in the Quran:
شهر رمضان الذي أنزل فيه القرآن هدى للناس وبينات من الهدى والفرقان 
The month of Ramadan, in which the Quran was revealed as the guide of humanity ."

Not only was God revealed the Holy Qur'an but all the divine books. Said the Prophet Muhammad:
"The pages of Abraham were revealed on the 1st of Ramadan, the Torah the 6th of Ramadan, and the Gospel on the 13th of the same month."

The thanks of the month of Ramadan are evidenced through the important events that are recorded in the history of Islam. A 17 of Ramadan, that of year 2 of the Hegira, God gave victory to the Muslims, who in number of three hundred, under the command of the Prophet, overcame a thousand idolatrous fighters in Batalla de Badr. God granted the conquest of Mecca to the Prophet on the 22nd of Ramadan in the year 8. The Prophet entered the city victoriously and with his hands destroyed the idols while reciting the Holy Quran. Having Mecca returned to monotheism after having been a stronghold of idolatry,The ancient house was purified of the impurity of paganism.

Events followed the culmination of the denomination "month of victories". And the Prophet said concerning this holy month:
إذا دخل رمضان فتحت أبواب الرحمة وغلقت أبواب جهنم وسلسلت الشياطين
In him the gates of heaven are opened, those of hell are closed, and the greater demons are bound in him."