Health Benefits of Fasting In Ramadan Month?

The first treatment for most diseases is diet, since many of them are generated in the stomach and digestive system. 
And fasting properly a continuous month purifies the digestive tract of toxins that are accumulating. These deteriorated waste poisons the organism producing diseases. 

The medical experts of old and of the present established that fasting frees the body from the excess of certain substances and liquid and invigorates the blood circulation and oxygenation, renewing the globules; Strengthens the nervous system, and other organic and psychological benefits that would be extensive matter of another type of work that the limitation of space prevents us. The full of nutrients, fresh, and healthy meal at suhoor and Iftar times during Ramadan month makes fasting more beneficial for health. So, this year in Ramadan 2017, fasting will not cleanse and make your soul fresh but it also cleanse your entire body system and make it more strong and efficient to work.